Speir Innovations specializes in residential, turnkey photo-voltaic solar installation services. We offer fully customized designs that guarantee your home will maintain its aesthetic while achieving the highest level of sustainability.



You care about how your home looks and we do too. We strive to create designs that complement the aesthetic of your home while incorporating the highest level of sustainability and energy efficiency. From concept to permit ready and engineer reviewed, our design team will work with you every step of the way. 

This phase of your project is critical. Proper energy modeling and a thorough site assessment will ensure a precisely tailored and effective end result. We have strong relationships with multiple solar equipment distributors and manufacturers. therefore, the capabilities for customization and competitive cost  are extensive.



Effective project development is essential to achieving timeline milestones. We will meticulously manage all of the necessary activities from permitting to coordinating with the utility and AHJ.

Successful project development requires continuous planning, scheduling, evaluation, and reevaluation as early as possible in the project cycle. A firm understanding of and adherence to all relative codes and regulations during the design phase will ensure your system passes inspection and performs as expected.




Our installation crews have a reputation for quality workmanship, communication, and professionalism. 

Our project managers, Journeymen, and foremen are involved in the design and development of every project so as to assure the most comprehensive understanding of their scope of work.